Laser scanning is a quick and accurate way to get data on existing conditions. Applications for General Contractors and Construction Managers include understanding as-built conditions for coordination in renovation projects, calculating quantities for demolition and quality-checking work in place. Although some questions can be answered by simply investigating the point cloud in Trimble RealWorks ® software, other use cases require converting the point cloud data into a BIM model. For example, using the point cloud for coordination or quantity take-off requires the modelling of intelligent and quantifiable BIM elements based on point cloud geometries and within construction tolerances. The resulting model represents an as-built environment that can be used for the lifetime of the building, for planning and tracking maintenance or renovation.

The model can be measured and quantified in areas that are often difficult to access and can be queried using a number of user-defined parameters via the BIM database.

Modelling from point clouds is a manual process that requires significant effort and subject- matter expertise. With the assistance of BuildingPoint SEA Services, our clients can take advantage of our modelling experts to begin working with comprehensive 3D models faster and without the specialized skills to do the work in-house.