General Contracting

In the complex design-build-operate (DBO) lifecycle of any major construction project today, “build” is where general contractors are under the most pressure to deliver. They need solutions that will work within their business structures and processes, and to leverage technology that won’t distract them from their core competency of building.

Trimble Buildings is focused on transforming the general contractor’s experience with a portfolio of building-intelligence software, hardware, and services solutions that optimize workflows, streamline processes, and seamlessly fit within your existing operational framework. Our VDC Services also assist GCs during periods of peak demand during a project. We can customize any package to include Business Development Support, 2D Change Reports (between two document sets), 3D Model Assessment, 3D Constructability and Coordination, 4D Schedule Simulation and Optimization, 5D Model-Based Quantity Take off and Estimates, Laser Scanning and As-Built Models.


General Contracting

Keeping building construction projects on track requires smart workflows and tight collaboration from start to finish. Trimble ProjectSight keeps contractors and subs in sync throughout the building process.

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