Civil Contractors

Siteworks Positioning System for Construction Surveyors

We are pleased to announce the Trimble® Siteworks Positioning System for Construction Surveyors and Trimble Siteworks Positioning System for Supervisors.

These systems consist of the new Trimble Siteworks Software, Trimble SPS986 GNSS Smart Antenna, and a choice of the new Trimble TSC7 Controller or the Trimble T10 Tablet.

Key Features

  • Work with complex 3D models
  • Collect large data sets faster
  • Visualize and manipulate complex 3D models more easily
  • Work day or night efficiently


  • Trimble Siteworks Software version 1.00
  • Trimble TSC7 Controller
  • Trimble SPS986 GNSS Smart Antenna Siteworks Positioning System for Supervisors Key Features
  • Run full office software packages, including Business Centre - HCE and Microsoft Office
  • Work easily with data and 3D models in the field

Trimble Stratus

Trimble Stratus software helps civil contractors use drones to map, measure and share accurate information about their worksites and assets. With Stratus, you can make quicker decisions, avoid mistakes, and grow profits by always having the right information on hand.

  • Know what you’re quoting: Conduct your own site surveys before the job begins, and whenever changes occur
  • Get accurate, up-to-date topographic surveys whenever you need without having to bring in a survey crew
  • A visual timeline keeps everyone on the same page
  • Track site changes, avoid crossed wires, and resolve disputes quickly
  • Calculate overall material volumes added or removed from pits, stockpiles, cells, drainage channels, etc.
  • Upload design file to compare actual surface to design surface and track progress
  • Easily measure distances, slopes and heights to compare with site measurements

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